I’m Shawna Pair and I’m a photographer, art director and stylist based in Los Angeles, California. I’ve shot for Nike, Adobe, Intel, Lexmark, and other great brands as well as many private clients. And I’ve photographed headshots for thousands of people including actors, speakers, executives and company staff profile photos.

Working With Me

It’s important you feel good about your experience working with me. So I’m diligent in communicating with you and I honor the deadlines we agree on. I haven’t always been great about this but one day I realized I was too good at my craft to let me sabotage it.

On set, I’m funny, hopeful, warm, considerate, respectful and I relieve anxiety.

Technical Approach

I’m about light. At least it’s one of the core things I’m about. I didn’t know that though until I heard it over and over again from clients, colleagues and creative directors. I have an intuition towards light and for the past 15 years, I’ve learned how to harness light in images.

I value sharpness, clarity, contrast and vividness. I do as much as I can in-camera. I love

Creative Approach

My first career was visual merchandising (aka displays or window-dresser). I worked for Saks and Macy’s and my specialty was fashion and home. Looking back I realize I was just making photographs only the pictures were windows.

Styling-wise, I’m super inspired by Manrepeller. You can see more of my inspiration on my Pinterest account.

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