Case Study: Oxygenetix


Client: Oxygenetix
Agency: Monumental
Role: UX Strategist & Designer
Project Type: Brand Marketing & Ecommerce Website
Tools: Dry-Erase Board, Pencil & Paper, Google Sheets, Sketch, InvisionApp, Zoom
Platform: Shopify

Oxygenetix began developing moisturizers that accelerate healing for burn victims. Another use case later emerged as it was discovered to be quite useful for outpatient cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Oxygenetix went on to also infuse their healing formula with cosmetic foundation. And since actors had been using Oxygenetix post-procedure at the recommendation of their doctor, the actors were taking it on set and asking the makeup artist to use it. Makeup artists found that it held up well under hot studio lights and began using it as well.

Business Challenge

Prior to me being engaged for this project, Oxygenetix had only been a wholesaler and sold to doctors. I needed to reposition the brand as a retail ecommerce brand.