June 22nd 2019

7pm - 10pm at the Eastbank Esplanade in Portland Oregon


LIGHTITLIKE: Annie Leibovitz

Saturday, June 22nd | 7pm - 10pm | Eastbank Esplanade (45.5136832,-122.6681209)

For our next LIGHTITLIKE course, we’ll show you how to pull off a fashion shoot and light like Annie Leibovitz. You’ll learn how to light a fashion shoot focusing on matching opposing natural light at sunset to get a fashion editorial effect. And we’ll show you how you can apply your new lighting skills to your own area of focus like weddings and product photography.

You’ll learn:

  • Ins and outs of shooting on-location and what you shouldn’t do

  • How to prep and plan for a fashion shoot

  • How to balance strobes with opposing natural light

  • What gear you need and how to get it super cheap

  • How to work with models

  • Posing, blocking and styling basics for fashion

“If you don’t have any shadows, you’re not in the light.” —Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is not only right metaphorically here. If your subject has the light behind them, the part you see is darkened silhouettes and shadows. You’ll need light to match the natural light source.

Photograph by Pair

Photograph by Pair